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2020 Creative Challenge

Two years ago we sold old chairs for £5 each for people to upcycle and return for auction, lots of people took up this challenge and, after the exhibition and auction, we raised over £850. (Ben Prater (well James!) Radio Wilts helped in this project too getting a local charity involved which helped to spread the outreach far and wide)
Last year we held a “Harvest of Talents” This time we gave out £5 notes to the congregation and asked them to go away and multiply!! People were very imaginative and we had everything from selling handicrafts, entertaining with poems & sketches and meals in homes to a trip around a home museum!!!! Again we raised over £800!!
This year we have tried to help with the lockdown situation, as well as raise much needed funds for the church in this time of church closure, for all who have been isolated for weeks and maybe need a fresh project to boost them.
We do not have spare money or chairs this year but everyone still has their talents so we are holding a Creative Challenge 2020 which will culminate – in church, circumstances allowing  – on 18th November 2020. This will be followed by a sale of the exhibits that are not wanted to be kept.
  • 12 different categories – enter as many as wished
  • £5 entry fee per item
  • Closing date for entries & fees 30/06/2020
  • Closing date for judging 17/11/2020
  • Gold. Silver & Bronze certificates to be awarded in all categories

Entry form can be downloaded by clicking here


Excitement filled the air in Dilton Marsh on September 8th (2018) as the long awaited Chair Expo and Auction arrived at Holy Trinity Church.  For 6 weeks 50 creative people had been busy transforming an ordinary plastic chair into something special. The chairs were given free by the church with the idea of auctioning the finished result in aid of church funds.  With some people asking to have an additional chair a total of around 62 stunning designs appeared on the day ready to be sold. The first to appear was a friendly Giraffe swiftly followed by a Cow all ready to be milked. A cottage garden, a Suited and Booted Chairman and Vice Chairman, Golf trolley, Dressing table, Bumble Bee and Floral Delights were just some of the exhibits.  Some were covered with fabric others painted, or decoupaged while there were those that were totally transformed with magnificent workmanship. Ray Floyd of the Westbury Shed remade his chair entitled ‘The Oak and The Ash’ into a beautiful seating of wooden craftsmanship. Wiltshire Radio’s Presenters Ben Prater and James Thomas who publicised the venture from the beginning and received a chair to up cycle on air decided to promote their local Swindon charity ‘Renew’ which is a budding Men’s Sheds project with their exhibit ‘Mishell’ (Michelle). People came from far and wide to bid and enjoy the delicious food available.  Bidding was fast and furious with the gavel sounding every few minutes as chairs flew from the stand to be safely stored in cars and vans.  A truly fantastic day enjoyed by visitors and the community.

Liz Lee


Saturday 30th June 2018:

Members of the White Horse team Ministry churches were privileged to witness the Ordination of Team curate, Revd Melanie Otto, in a beautiful service held in Salisbury cathedral.

Under the magnificent display of handmade doves, Michael Pendry’s installation – ‘Les Colombes’ – the seats were filled with family and supporters of the 12 curates being ordained.
A service filled with many moving moments that will stay in memories for a long time.

The weekend of Ordination continued on Sunday 1st July, in Westbury.
Newly Ordained priest, Revd Melanie Otto, presided over her first service of Holy Communion. The preacher was Revd Paul Burden, one of Melanie’s tutors from Sarum College.
The whole service was inspiring in content, mission and joy.
Team rector, Revd Rhona Floate, presented Melanie with a gift, a collection from the congregations of all the churches in the team.
Also a special, and impressive, cake, made by Sharon Jones, was very well received! Sharon not only decorated the cake with the images from Melanie’s stole but also modelled Melanie in icing! Complete with hairclip!!


The new inner glass porch

A wonderful team service was held in Holy Trinity Church, Dilton Marsh on Sunday 27th May, which culminated in a blessing for and celebration of, the completion of the inner glass porch, that was first discussed 20 years ago!

 Revd Caroline Husband, team vicar, presided, Revd Rhona Floate, priest in charge, gave the sermon and porch blessing and Revd Melanie Otto, White Horse Team curate, was the conduit of ‘The Nice Girls’, as Melanie said.  “forget the Spice girls today you have the nice Girls!” She duly elected herself as ‘Baby nice’ as she is the curate!
The service was followed by celebratory drinks and cakes of course!
Jocelyn Short, one of the PCC members when the idea of making the church more welcoming was first muted over 20 years ago was thrilled to be part of the celebrations.
Jocelyn and Sue Stanley also researched the design for the doors to take back to the 2017 PCC to choose their favourite, after the ideas had been modified, added to and created professionally by graphic designer, Ruth James.
Jocelyn later commented – “Wonderful to see the welcoming glass doors in place at last!!” 

In blessing the works completion, Revd Rhona, thanked all those involved, over the years, in particular Chris Hill, for project managing and the PCC. Parochial Church Council 

The design of the doors was based on the architecture of the building.
You will see from the first picture) The straight lines for the columns and the zig zag to coordinate with the bricks over the door.
Completed with the Holy Trinity logo, as can be seen on the notice board, in the middle.

The colour of the doormat was chosen to make it suitable for all. Special consideration was given to those with Alzheimer’s disease who see things differently. A dark or black colour would appear to be a hole to someone with Alzheimer’s. 

You cannot see the join in the new and old tiling as an excellent job was done by the tile layers when replacing the broken tiles. 

Capturing the Peace, in the service, was very different. Instead of wandering about the congregation and shaking individual hands, wishing the Lord’s “peace be with you” we all held each other’s hands to make a huge circle of life to bless everyone at once!

Finally, for those of you who missed it, Revd Rhona was interviewed by BBC Wiltshire, at 7.20am on the day! Plus making an appearance in the 9am news!!
Check it out on BBC iPlayer! 
#bbcwiltshire Jonathan Fido show at 1hr22 minutes in.

Please enjoy the images below from the day.

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