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Dilton Marsh Neighbourhood Plan – Rural Housing Needs Survey

You will hopefully have heard about the proposed Neighbourhood Plan for Dilton Marsh. The aim of a Neighbourhood Plan is to set out a vision for the village covering issues including housing, transport and environment – and how these aspirations will be achieved.

There were two public meetings in September 2017, which resulted in the formation of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, which has now started work on producing the Plan. It is important to enable all residents to contribute their views and ideas, so there will be regular consultations to ensure that this happens.

The next major consultation is about to take place in the form of a Rural Housing Needs Survey. This questionnaire asks about current housing in the Dilton parish and the need for new houses, including affordable homes.  Each household in Dilton Marsh will soon receive the survey through their letterbox. Please take the time to complete it as your views count. Once done, just return the form to Wiltshire Council in the pre-paid envelope supplied. You can also complete the survey online.

The closing date will be 29th May 2018. Wiltshire Council staff will then analyse your responses and produce a report which will be used to inform the Neighbourhood Plan.

Members of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group – who are all volunteers – will be distributing the questionnaires by hand and will be happy to discuss further with you. Should you need any help in completing them, please contact

Kathy Hutt 01373 301656 Kathryn.hutt@live.co.uk

Sonja Harris 01373 464081 sonjakv@sky.com

David Middleton 07963 743215 dgmiddleton@live.co.uk